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The virtual noodle game that got Chinese developers out of their seats and moving.

We created an interactive gaming experience that utilised the best of Google’s technologies to inspire all developers to get active while enjoying the talks and seminars throughout the 6-day event.

We based the gameplay on a subject close to the hearts of Chinese developers: Noodles. Culturally - the longer the noodle, the longer and happier the life. So, the objective of the game was to use your body movements to make your virtual noodles as long and tasty as possible. Competitive developers were then able to challenge their peers through social media.

The game showcased Google tools, such as TensorFlow.js and PoseNet library, to track motion and gestures directly through the webcam and browser, giving Chinese developers first-hand experience of their potential to code a little goodness in the world.

Project Lead
User Interface / Visual Design Lead
Motion Designer

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