The Hong Kong government had just allowed for the first time ever a limited number of digital banking licenses to a few select companies and Standard Chartered bank were of those companies.

Standard Chartered had long been a traditional player in the Hong Kong banking market but with this new opportunity, they wanted to create something untraditional.

They wanted to create a bank that would change the behavior of outdated traditional banking and create a whole new generation of Hong Kong banking. R/GA asked to help bring this idea to life.

User Interface / Visual Designer
Motion Designer

In 1852, Standard Chartered Bank introduced the first coin to Hong Kong. Today, we introduce a digital coin, inspiring a simple brand system built around the circular device. Bringing to life the language of money.


The MOX product sets out to offer customers the smartest banking platform available in Asia. Featuring full control of your finances like never before. Track savings and investment growth, enjoy brand partnerships that provide rewards and discounts and benefit from unique insights and analytics based on your behavior.


We built an atomic design system that scales with the needs of the business.
Setting our clients up with a robust set of tools to keep up with product growth.

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